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A garage door cable is a precisely engineered part that supports the entire garage door.

J&J Garage Door Repair takes pride in its work, so you can rely on us for skilled and expert cable repair and replacement services.

Garage door cables snaps usually due to wear and tear, excessive use, and weather. No matter what caused the cable to break, you can count on our team of professionals to repair and replace it. Because we are a seasoned supplier of garage door repair services and because we have a team of specialists in the field, we can fix any problem and replace any component.

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Causes of Garage Door Cable Problems

Garage door cable issues can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Age and wear: The cable that raise and lower your garage door can deteriorate over time, which might weaken or ruin them.
  • Rust and corrosion: Your garage door cables may get rusty or rusted if they are exposed to moisture; this can lead to their splitting or snapping.
  • Installation mistakes: If your garage door cables were not put correctly, they might come out of their pulleys or become loose, which would make them malfunction.
  • Overloading: if your garage door is too heavy and the installer used a wrong thickness cable it will overload your garage door and will eventually cause your garage door cable to snap.

How Do We Fix Garage Door Cable Problems

Replacing a snapped garage door cable is a task that only a professional garage door repairman should tackle. Our team at J&J Garage Door Repair Edmonton has the knowledge and experience to safely and efficiently replace your snapped cable.

In order to replace your garage door cable, the technician would make sure to follow these steps to ensure the safety of your door and the people using it. The first step in the process is to disconnect the opener from the door. This will prevent the door from moving while the cable is being replaced.

Next, the repairman will loosen the tension on the cable by adjusting the tensioning bolts on the bottom bracket. This will allow the repairman to remove the old cable and install the new one.

Once the new cable is in place, the repairman will adjust the tension on the cable to the proper level. This will ensure that the door is balanced and will open and close smoothly.

Lastly, the repairman will reattach the opener to the door and test the door to ensure it is functioning properly.

It’s crucial to remember that a snapped cable might indicate also that it’s time to get a garage door spring repair done as well as usually, an overextended spring might be at fault, which has to be repaired as well.

At J&J Garage Door Repair Edmonton, we make sure that the system is operating safely and effectively overall, in addition to fixing the cable and leveling the spring.

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